Building a relationship with cards

Season’s Greetings everyone. I wish you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season! Have fun and enjoy your family!

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Now on to our topic…

Can you imagine what your Social Networking followers would think if you sent them a card in the mail?

In our predominantly digital world, how much could you stand out by taking a few moments to select a special greeting card and sending it to your, here I go, “peeps” via snail mail? There is a company that I highly recommend to do this. It’s called Send Out Cards.

It is a wonderful automated system.

After paying a membership fee, you can create and send out a greeting card via snail mail for under $2 (which includes postage). You can also send out gifts if you want.

With Send Out Cards, you can do annual campaigns, upload birthdays and anniversaries and send to groups of people or all of your contacts. Here’s what you can do…

Take a photo with someone well known, and then send that person a greeting card with the picture on the front. Or take a picture holding your favorite book or information product and send a card with that picture on the front to the author or writer of the information product. Make sure you put in a note thanking them. You can even upload your own handwriting.

The possibilities are tremendous.

Those of you who have assistants (virtual and otherwise) can use them to help streamline the process.

Setting up the system to work the way you want will be easier if someone takes you through the process the first time. So if after checking it out you decide you want to use it, I recommend that you contact Janet Ostrov at (This is Janet’s link. I am not an affiliate and do not get anything for this recommendation.) She’s an independent distributor for Send Out Cards and she’ll help you set up the system to do exactly what you want and make the process easy for you.

If you test this let me know your results.

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5 Responses to “Building a relationship with cards”

  1. Al Rusca says:

    Hi Ken, Happy Holidays to you also.
    SOC is awsome! We finally automated our Christmas list this year and sent notices(New Years Cards)to all my clients and prospects advising them of my transfer to another office. You are right on with this one. A regular hand stamped card goes a long way in our impersonal digital world. Oh! A standard card is more like $1.05 including the stamp.


    Ken Reply:

    Hi Al,

    I’m glad that worked for you. And thanks for the feedback on the price.



  2. Chris Hollis says:

    Ken, I couldn’t agree more with what you said about Send Out Cards. It’s the best method of building rapport with new friends/customers. Even if the cards cost $2.00 it is still a great bargain for convenience, originality, professionalism, customization and gift sending, etc. I can’t imagine my life without SendOutCards today!


    Ken Varga Reply:

    @Chris Hollis,
    Thanks for the feedback Chris.


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