3 Things You Should Never Do In Your Social Networking Profile…

In prior blog entries on social networking, I mentioned how to use it for marketing. Today, I want to go over 3 things that I found people doing on their profile pages that you shouldn’t do.

1. Selling too much. I receive so many emails from the networks I’m on, that are selling. Again, picture yourself at a network event. Someone rushes to you, shoves a business card in your hand, perhaps a brochure and a sales letter as well, and then rushes to the next person. What are your feelings?

Selling too much on your profile or in your social networking activities is much the same thing. The idea behind social networking is building relationships. You build relationships, and the business will come.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t sell at all, just that building relationships and connections should come first. Make sure you keep the relationship-building up when you do sell.

Of course you should talk about your business and describe what you do, but do it in a fun way, that is non-threatening and not full of hype. It should give them an idea of your personality. And don’t forget to include a few personal details so your friends and followers can get to know you as a person and also as an individual.

2. Not sharing enough of your personal details. Social networking is about connecting with people. The way we connect as individuals is by sharing things about ourselves. Make sure you add details about your life, your hobbies, your preferences, etc. Do you have kids or animals? Do you like to travel, cook, or read best sellers or specific topics? These are ideas of items that you could include in your profile.

I also feel that you should make sure your personality comes through. Don’t be boring by listing a dry description that would be better for a resume. Get your personality in there, let people know who you are and if you are someone they would like to get to know better. I am constantly trying to accomplish this in each blog and my weekly marketing tips.

3. Sharing too many personal details. Am I contradicting what I just said? No! If you wouldn’t be comfortable sharing something at a networking event, then you probably shouldn’t be sharing it on your social networking profile. Here is a rule you could use. Imagine having a conversation with a client or customer. What types of details about your life would you feel comfortable telling them. Those are the good ones you should share on your profile. Leave the ones you don’t want your client or customer to know about off of your profile.

I hope you will share some of your profile examples for all of us to view…maybe give us links to view them. Who knows…maybe you’ll get some valuable feedback from your peers. So jump in and comment.

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8 Responses to “3 Things You Should Never Do In Your Social Networking Profile…”

  1. Thank you Ken, and I’m glad that you teach here what we all should know about Social Media, as marketers. I agree that we need to be very careful with not selling too much, as first it’s giving bad results, and second, you can get banned from the social site.
    We want to keep in mind that only WP blogs are our own, but sites like Youtube, facebook, etc, can suddenly ban you and make you loose all your contents, as the sites where you post are not your own.
    Thank you for this useful valuable information Ken.
    A wonderful week to all of you!


    Ken Reply:

    Brigitte, you are absolutely correct. Good comments. Look forward to more of them.


  2. Williaim says:

    Thanks Ken,
    for another great post. Social networking is the in thing right now and maybe for a long,long time.

    I got involved with twitter a few years ago. I do not have many followers, probably because I don’t post freguently enough.

    Most of my time is spent writing articles, blog posts and working hard, sending traffic to my sites. I do frequent networking parties locally.

    With that said most of my time is spent in my local market. Thanks to your posting on localizing your internet business, I have discovered many ways to get local traffic to my sites, turn them into buyers and then customers that keep coming back.

    The website link goes to my twitter page where you can check out my profile at the top right hand corner.

    Let me know what you think then send me some feed back on how to make it better.

    Thanks so much…
    William Cato


    Ken Reply:

    Your bio looks good. It gives an idea of who you are and doesn’t violate any of the rules I mentioned in my blog post.


  3. Well said Ken! This is a great way to put it in perspective. There’s a fine line between opening up and sharing too much.

    I like the idea of sharing “one thing that nobody knows about you” in your profile. Choose something that makes you look good yet is interesting. It’s a conversation starter, fun, and people seem to enjoy it.

    Looking forward to more of your great insights.




    Ken Reply:

    Great idea, Nick.



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  5. Emily Lopez says:

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